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UT Resources

Looking for the answer to a UT-specific question? Below are some helpful resources regarding our policies and procedures for quick reference. If you still have questions, email us at

Our Students

Our students have a wide range of abilities (from some functional speech to entirely nonspeaking) and therapeutic backgrounds. Our primary educational philosophy is to presume competence. In accordance with RPM principles, we do not discriminate based on student "behaviors" or challenges.

Our instructors do not endorse punitive teaching methods, but instead practice trauma-informed empathy to help students work through and past their difficulties.

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For all general inquiries, email

For co-op communications, email

To speak with a specific provider, email them directly and cc

When emailing or texting, especially after business hours, please wait at least one business day before following up unless the request is urgent. Our instructors are very busy and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Illness/Cancellation Policy

To keep everyone healthy, please monitor for symptoms including fever, unusual dysregulation, exhaustion, coughing, or changes in appetite. Instructors will be masked indoors, but families may make their own decisions about masking.

If your student shows any symptoms of illness, they should be kept home and instructors notified as soon as possible. Students may return to in-person meetings once they are symptom-free for over 24 hours.

In the case of known COVID exposure, students and affected family members should have two negative antigen tests 24 hours apart, though we are happy to find other solutions if that is not feasible.

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Invoice Payment Options

  • Zelle - this is our preferred method. It is safe, secure, efficient, and does not incur transaction fees. To set up Zelle for payments, reference this Guide.

  • Paper check - paper checks may be placed in the locked drop-box in the office lobby.

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