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Learn More About Autism/RPM

If you are looking to learn more about RPM or autism generally, the following resources are a great place to start. We are happy to assist parents, caregivers, and school staff by providing training, opportunities for observation, and feedback. Email for opportunities to observe our instructors in sessions or to schedule a training consultation.

RPM Resources

This site has historical background for RPM, answers common questions, and provides resources to help you get started.

From the website publisher: HALO is an organization that provides the services of Soma®RPM (Soma-Rapid Prompting Method), an academic program leading towards communication, the expression of reasoning and understanding, more reliable motor skills, and greater sensory tolerance.

This site has articles on many important autism topics, and the organization also hosts a Facebook group here.

From the website publisher: We are a collective of Autistic people responsive to the evolving needs and trajectory of the Autistic community. By publishing autistic voices, we are cataloguing the intersectional experiences, insights, knowledge, talents, and creative pursuits of Autistics.

This Facebook group is for families and professionals to Learn RPM Online.


From the group organizer:
There are so many non-speaking/limited-speaking people with autism that are misunderstood and capable of so much more. RPM can provide a practical way of supporting these individuals to realise their capabilities and live more fulfilling lives. It is an amazing method!


Despite the benefits, many families/professionals find it daunting to start their RPM journey (and keep going!); there's so much to learn and sometimes progress can take time. In this group, Alex Hopwood (rpmUK) will share practical tips, resources and case studies to support families/professionals to learn (no matter what stage they are at).

Alex is passionate about taking the confusion out of RPM, sharing best practice and top tips and empowering families and other professionals to develop their RPM knowledge and skills, so that more autistic people can benefit.

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