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About UT

Unspoken Thoughts, LLC was created in 2013 by founder and director Shannon Zish. Over the past decade, the UT team has been working to increase opportunities for individuals with motor impairments, limited functional speech, and autism. Beyond individual skills sessions and general support for clients of all ages, our UT Academy provides academic courses, functional skills groups, and social groups. UT is physically located in Vienna, VA, but we do support virtual participation for students who cannot feasibly travel to the office for services.

Services Overview

To get in touch for more info and book specific services, head over to our Book Services page. Please email with any general questions about how we can help.

Note: These summaries do not cover the many ways these services are individualized for each students' autonomy goals both in classrooms and in their daily lives as part of society as a whole. We want to work with you to make these services as meaningful as possible for your specific needs.

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