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Arwen Addison

Arwen grew up surrounded by teachers and therapists, many of whom work with non-speaking autistic individuals. Her first involvement with the autistic community was in self-directed services, and she became an Unspoken Thoughts instructor in 2022.  At UT, Arwen supports students’ communication and regulation goals, both during co-op courses and during one-on-one sessions. She especially enjoys helping students increase fluency and tolerance in desired skills. Arwen currently holds her Level I RPM certification, but she is excited to continue training with the goal of becoming a Level III RPM instructor.


  • Homeschool Co-op support

  • Individual RPM sessions (with specialty in building fluency and tolerance)


To book services with Arwen, head over to our Bookings tab.

To ask Arwen questions about her specific services, please email:

For general questions regarding Unspoken Thoughts, please email:

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