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Faith Ellen Lam

Faith Ellen has her bachelor's degree in Piano Performance from George Mason University, but her first love is education. In high school, she had the privilege of taking an English class with a nonspeaking autistic classmate, so after completing her undergraduate studies, she began working at Unspoken Thoughts to expand her interaction with the spelling community. She has completed the RPM Level I certification training and continues to learn more every day!

Faith's main roles at UT include teaching math at the homeschool co-op, supporting college students, and furthering communication skills through academic lessons, discussion groups, creative writing, and music.


  • Homeschool Co-op math instructor

  • Discussion Group lead

  • Individual RPM sessions

  • College student support

  • Piano/music lessons


To book services with Faith, head over to our Bookings tab.

To ask Faith questions about her specific services, please email:

For general questions regarding Unspoken Thoughts, please email:

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