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Educational Resources

We sell digital pre-written lesson plans (both individually and as themed packets). If you are looking to curate your own academic program, we have listed home instruction resources and additional resources for a range of topics below.

Home Instruction Resources:

This math curriculum is based on the national mathematics curriculum of Singapore for 1st through 6th grade. They sell lesson books and workbooks.

Moving Beyond the Page is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that covers science, social studies, and language arts. You can purchase single or multiple subjects.

Core Knowledge publishes the "What Your ____ Grader Needs to Know" books. Access a content and skills guide for grades K-8 here.

The Big Fat Notebook series is created by the editors of America’s #1 educational bestseller Brain Quest. Each study guide covers key concepts for middle and high school subjects.

Learn a new word every day with this tool from Merriam-Webster.

This book review website can help you find the next new read based on books you've liked before.

From the website provider: Brightly provides passionate parents, educators, and caregivers with the tools they need — such as tips and advice, book recommendations, Brightly Storytime, which features read-aloud and flip along videos, and more — to keep kids connected to books through every age & stage of life.

This website provides an interactive platform for generating and expanding on story prompts for Grades K-6th.

The cards in this box each have the start to a story that you and your student can finish.

Additional Resources and Miscellaneous Topics:

From the website publisher: Our goal is to make the wonders of science and the world around us relevant, useful and interesting to everyone by informing and entertaining our readers. When looking for the most fascinating and important stories, our staff dig through scientific journals and keep up to date with what the top institutions are working on, to investigate how science impacts current events and how new discoveries may affect you. Whether you’re interested in dinosaurs or archaeology, weird physics or astronomy, health, human behavior or the mysteries of our planet — for those with a curious mind, your journey of discovery begins here.

From the website publisher: Welcome to Wonderopolis®, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Each day, we pose an intriguing question—the Wonder of the Day®—and explore it in a variety of ways.

From the website publisher: Our age-appropriate news and core content inspire students to understand the context behind articles, spark curiosity, and critical thinking and help them see the interdisciplinary connections. Our goal is to help parents and educators create a vibrant community of well-informed and engaged young citizens in an increasingly connected world.

Discover what happened on this day with HISTORY's summaries of major events, anniversaries, famous births and notable deaths.

Learn a new word every day with this tool from Merriam-Webster.

Listen to thought-provoking talks on a variety of topics.

Watch short educational videos on a variety of topics.

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